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Welcome to my showcase Pepakura Vault.

It is intended that this site act as a reference library for myself and anyone else who should come across it and also a personal showcase gallery for any of my Pepakura and ultimately prop / cosplay final designs that I am hoping to produce.

I would like to stress at this point that I am in NO way a professional at this stuff and to be honest anything i do will be purely from a hobby and fan based outlook. That all said I hope to improve my skills as time goes on and I am able to produce some things that I hope not only I will be happy with but will entice other people into trying their own hand at the hobby too.

To use the site just check under the above mega-menu navigation and you should have no problems finding your way around my modest site.

Thanks again for looking and now onto the paper cutting and gluing

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Site Editor : Shadowmultimedia
Last Update : 2015
This is a Shadowmultimedia designed and operated site
This web site is intended for educational purposes. The pepakura files found here have not been created by myself although I have
altered some of them slightly in regards to size and layout if the size did not suit me personally.
In addition these files have been located via simple google searches and various facebook groups and can easily
be found by anyone via google or one of the various prop making forums out there.